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October 19-20, 2017

VetFund Foundation Golf Invitational

Yoche Dehe Golf Course at Cache Creek Resorts, Brooks, CA

November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day Online Calendar: In keeping with our mission of serving our California Veterans and their families, the CalVet is compiling a list of Veteran's Day events taking place throughout our State.

To submit your Veteran's Day or other event for consideration on CalVet's calendar, please send the following information to PAO@calvet.ca.gov:

1. Event date
2. Name or type of event
3. Event start and end times
4. Name of sponsoring organization
5. Venue name
6. Venue address
7. Contact person plus phone number, e-mail address or URL link
8. Cost of admission, if any
9. If pre-registration is required, please provide a link and the registration deadline
10.Indicate if this is a northern or southern California event.